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The ReACT project

Various forms of technology are recognized to have potential to support cognitive and functional ability of people with dementia, e.g. touch-screen technology with easy-to-use mobile applications (apps). A growing number of such dementia friendly apps are being promoted, but the actual implementation and continuued use of such technology in everyday life, is rarely addressed.

The ReACT study aims to investigate how a mobile app, delivered on a touch screen device,  can be designed to meet the special and individualized needs of people with dementia, and how this technology can be successfully implemented in the daily life of the users.  

The ReACT app

The ReACT app has been developed through an iterative innovation process, where people with early stage dementia and caregivers have taken part in outlining and designing the functionalities and user-interface, and testing and adapting the app.

The ReACT app is a multi-functionality app with a user-interface optimized for people with early stage dementia. The app integrates many of the tools which the target group strive to use in their daily effort to keep up independent activities, e.g. calendar, reminders, diary notes, to-do lists etc. The app is also designed to be adaptable, to comply with individual needs and variation in technology skills.

In addition, the app is designed to provide continues data-logs, which gives researchers unique detailed information on the actual use of specific functionalities of the app

Watch a short video describing the ReACT app:

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